This lively group plays Celtic/Rock music and has built up a big following over the years throughout Texas and neighbouring States, their vibrant and edgy music going down well with audiences









Exponents of progressive Celtic Rock Music, this gang of Stout drinkers to be sure will get you raising your glasses.

Scots born Morrison & Houston's DuFour are the only members from the original 2004 lineup.

These days Morrison takes on the lead vocal role and is ably supported with Kevin Murphy, who soars on electric guitar/vocals.

 More recently bass & drums have remained with Jay Brooks & Andy Salmon holding the world class back line.

Neil DuFour as mentioned remains a stalwart with his driving acousticguitar and David Schaefer takes on the whistles to great effect.

Recent performances have shown the energy levels have been upped even higher - if that seems possible from the early raw fast & furious days when they were classed as "Clancy Brothers on Red Bull"!

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